Club Clean Service

This is no normal club cleaning service using a brush and hot water. The service we have brought to Bolton Golf Club uses an Ultrasonic cleaner to remove every single bit of dirt and grime that may be hiding in grooves and the little nooks and crannies that are on modern day golf clubs. Watch our video below.

The clubs are stood up in the water tank of the machine with just the heads submerged. There is a timer on the front of the machine that is set depending on the intensity of the clean. For most clubs this is set at 10 minutes but this may be longer dependent on the severity of the condition. When the time stops the clubs are lifted from the tank and with a little wipe, the clubs are spotlessly clean.

So how does this work? It's amazing really to watch.

Little bubbles are induced by high frequency pressure waves that agitate the water. You can see them working away at the dirt lifting it away from the club and into the water. After the clubheads are done, it's time for the grips. This is a little less high tech, here we just give them a blooming good scrub with hot soapy water and a stiff brush. After this 20 minute process you are left with golf clubs that are pristine.

For just £9.99 you can have your clubs and shoes cleaned.

For those of you that want to save money and have their equipment cleaned on a regular basis, then why not sign up for the annual agreement for just £99? Come and see us at the shop to learn more about the service.