How to make your Battery last longer


In the last few weeks I have been asked how can I make my battery last longer? With this in mind I have posted below a list of Q&As that should help you prolong the life of your batteries.


I only played 9 holes today, do I need to recharge my battery?

A battery should always be charged as soon as possible after each use, it is not designed to be used over subsequent days without recharging as this will reduce capacity and prevent you completing your round.


Should I fully discharge my battery to prolong its life?

Batteries should never be fully discharged as this can risk irrecoverable long-term damage. Deeply discharging your battery will not increase its capacity or lifespan.


Can I use any charger with my battery?

It is important to only use a charger compatible with your battery. A Lead-acid charger must never be used on a Lithium battery or vice-versa. The safest thing is to use a charger recommended by the manufacturer.

Why is my new battery struggling to complete a round?

A lead-acid battery can take up to 6 rounds to reach peak performance. Lithium batteries are normally stored in a part charged state and need to be fully charged before their first use.


If I don't regularly play a full round, will this affect my battery's memory?

Neither lead-acid nor lithium batteries have a 'capacity memory'. The most important thing is recharging your battery as soon as possible after each use.


I didn't make it round 18 holes today, is there a problem with my battery?

There are many factors that can affect performance including the weight of your bag, type of course, weather, course conditions and using features such as charging ports. Making the trolley work harder such as letting it pull you up hills will also have a big effect on your battery! If you didn't make it round 18 holes, the battery should be tested to establish if it is faulty, or if there is a problem with either the trolley or charger.


Is it best to leave my battery on charge?

There is no need to leave it plugged in for extended periods. For safety and environmental reasons, it is best to fully charge your battery and then unplug everything. The battery will hold its charge for at least six weeks before a top-up is required.


I don't have enough time to fully recharge my battery, should I charge it for just a short time?

A lead-acid battery must be fully recharged and should never be charged for short periods. A lithium battery's capacity will be increased by any amount of charging, but will need a full recharge to reach maximum capacity.


I am not playing over the winter, what should I do with my battery?

If you have a lead-acid battery, it should be stored fully charged and topped up every few weeks. Lithium batteries should be left in a 'half-charged' state - simply use it for you're normal round and then charge for 1-½ hours. It can now be left for the whole winter, no need to top-up, just recharge fully before your next game.


Does it matter where my battery is charged?

It must be charged on a dry, non-carpeted surface in a temperature ranging from 10?c to 30?c. I only play 18 holes at a time, but i want a battery that lasts as long as possible.


Should I buy a larger capacity battery?

Although a larger capacity battery may complete 18 holes for slightly longer, a heavier battery will affect trolley performance. Higher capacity lead-acid batteries should only be purchased if you regularly play 36 holes in a day. Higher capacity lithium batteries offer a more significant benefit and do not cause the performance detriments of the lead-acid equivalent.


I am thinking of getting a new battery, should I choose lead-acid or lithium?

Although lithium is a bit more expensive, it is a much better long-term option, which will actually save you money! Not only do good quality lithium batteries last significantly longer, they are smaller, lighter, quicker to charge and come with much longer warranties.


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